The Finlay Foundation was set up in late 2011 following tragedy earlier that same year. Since that time it's goal has been to put a smile on the faces of as many children as possible. They achieve this aim through ​fundraising events annually such as craft & gift fairs, coffee & cake mornings, an abseil and a winter ball. Many others have raised money for them by participating in cycle rides, walks, ironman competitions, triathlons, cake sales and more. They have provided play equipment, toys, art & craft materials, furniture, specialist sensory toys for children with brain damage and learning resources to hospitals, children's hospices and other charity run children's centres.

For us they have kindly donated funds that we have used to purchase new and improved toys for our children to play with, as well as ear defenders, rubber mating and cushions for our quiet room.

Local giving is a fundraising organisation and registered charity in it's own right.

It's main purpose is to offer support and online fundraising for local voluntary sector and charity organisations.

They are able to offer the chance of utilising Gift Aid without having to becoming a charity, and create a means of receiving donations through their online portal.

Although not a direct contributer to Safe Space the services offered by Local Giving offers us a streamlined and effective method of collecting funds and donations online. Through the ability of accepting gift aid we also increase the amounts of individual donations, further supporting our cause.

Safe Space is a registered charity, and we can only operate through the generosity of our families, Local business Donations, Grants and Fundraising. 

On this page we want to say a thank you to those that have assisted us in staying open, donated funds for toys as well as supported us along the way.

One of the great things we are able to offer at Safe Space is the use of our Quiet / Sensory room.

What it lacked when we first opened was the lights and sensory equipment we needed to make it a more functional space for our attendees. As a charity organisation finding the money to pay for such things, on top of our other costs is difficult, and so through one of our attending families we approached LV in Bristol to ask for support. Through their local community grant programme we asked for money to be able to purchase sensory equipment, and they readily accepted. Thanks to them we were able to purchase a variety of equipment, and our sensory room has been vastly improved because of it.

With a number of our families, including one of our founding members come from the Bradley Stoke area, and because of this we approached Bradley Stoke Town Council and the Leisure, Youth and amenities committee. 

On the 18th April at a meeting at the council offices, following a short presentation by members of the Safe Space Management committee, the council agreed unanimously to support us and we were issued a grant from the council to support the running of our sessions.

Here are some of those that have helped us since we started in March 2015

The Aviva community fund is a fundraising and charitable donation program run by the Aviva group.

Charities and organisations can be 'chosen' to apply by anyone, and we were chosen by our lovely Rich Kersey.

​Public votes are then made and the charity with the most votes receives the higher reward.

​We were due to receive £100 from the program but as there were issues with the voting system that, Aviva immediately recognised, they raised their funds, and on the 23rd March 2018 we received £300 from them that we intend to put towards sensory equipment to improve on those we already have.

Thank you Aviva and thank you Rich Kersey and all those who voted for us.

​Quartet Community Foundation supports small, community-based charities and voluntary groups in the West of England whose work benefits local people. It gives grants to a broad range of causes and welcomes applications from both new and established groups. The foundation runs it own grants programme, the Express Programme, which is the grant programme that we at Safe Space applied for.

The Quartet Express Programme has given us a grant that pays for our Thursday after school sessions, and has meant that we are able to run those sessions for the entire financial year of 2016-2017.

Towards the end of 2015 The Tesco Extra store at the Willow Brook Centre in Bradley Stoke​ had a revamp, changing there store to include a variety of concessions including Dorothy Perkins and Burtons. As a part of this re-vamp they had a small re-opening ceremony, and as part of this they decided to support a couple of local charities. With this they selected Safe Space as one of those charities and donated to us £500 towards running our sessions. There was a small ceremony out the front of the store where the cheque was presented to us as well as the other charities they supported.