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Parish Council 01454 865202.

The venue for Safe Space is the recently renovated Stokes Youth and Community Centre. Comprising a large hall which has received a lick of paint, a main foyer comprising a small pool table and table football, as well as a fully functioning Kitchen there is plenty of space. There is also surprises in a separate lounge style room with a projector, an IT room with 3-4 desktop PC's and a printer, and a fully functioning Music Studio. All are available to hire from Stoke Gifford Parish council on the details below.

(formerly known as the Little Stoke Youth Centre).


Secure outdoor space

Outside there is a concrete area leading from the main hall doors.gates secured by padlocks

There is a large grass area, and a small patio section right near to a door leading to the kitchen.

The outside space is completely secure, with two lockable gates, one small pedestrian gate, and a double gate which would give vehicular access.

Additional rooms.

IT room

There is a small IT room with 3-4 desktop computers and a printer available for use.

Music studio

There is a fully functioning music studio including a soundproof room with various instruments available.

Arts and Crafts

There is a room dedicated to the use of arts and crafts with various equipment and materials ready for use. There is also a sink, and worktop space for use.


Fully functioning kitchen which includes double oven, 2 sets of 4 electric hobs, kettle, iron, and various kitchen utensils. 

Perfectly suited to making tea, coffee, and various foods.

Main Foyer.

The entrance doors are secure, and access can only be gained by use of a key Fob from the outside.

Once in the main Foyer there is access to a small IT room, Music studio, Corridoor to arts room and projector room, Main hall, Kitchen, and toilets (including disabled toilet).

There is various sofas, stools, and tables and chairs within the foyer making a nice meeting area. There is also a small pool table, and table football available free of charge.

Large Hall

at The Stokes is a large sports style hall with wooden parquet flooring.

At each end there are basketball hoops, and there is also 2 plastic five a side goals.

There are tables and chairs available for use within the hall also.

There is a double set of doors with glass panels, and a large window that allows access and a view into the hall from the main Foyer.

There is also 2 double fire exit doors that give access to the secure outside space, and specifically to a large concrete area.